Our Leaders




Minister Roderick Montgomery, Vice President

Minister Montgomery serves on the Ocala District at the Ocala Temple as assistant pastor. He is married and has three children.  



Minister Domonique Brunson, Director of Programming

Minister Domonique serves on the Northeastern New York District. She is an amazing school teacher and loves to write



Sister Erika, Filmore, National Communicator

Erika is married, has one child and serves on the Daytona Beach, FL District.  She’s a utilities professional and loves to travel and run.



Evangelist Brittany Montgomery, Vision Coordinator

Brittany is married, has three children and serves on the Ocala District. She is a middle school English Teacher. She loves to read as she considers herself a lifelong learner. 



Sister Charmaine Brunson, Choir President  Worship & Music Pastor

Charmaine serves on the Northeastern New York District. She is a dedicated teacher who loves crafting and singing.



Minister Andrew Jordan, Assistant Choir President 

Andrew is from the Southeast Alabama/Northwest Florida District. He is a Teaching Assistant with a passion for all things music.



Sister Miriam Holloway

Miriam serves on the South Georgia District. She is married, has two kids, and has worked in banking for 17 years.